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TruChat Ready-To-Go chatbots get your live fast!

Go Live In Minutes With ready-to-go Chatbots

Each TruChat ready-to-go template offers a complete solution to a business challenge such as lead capture, sales call scheduling, customer support ticket initiation, brand awareness, product discovery and more. These templates can be used to fast-track the building of your chatbots. The templates are well documented and can be modified as you see fit.

Blank Template

#001 Blank Template Chatbot

Start off with a totally clean chatbot to build it completely yourself. This is the choice if you are going to import a copy of a complete chatbot.

Quick Start Template

#002 Ask A Question Chatbot

This powerful template uses NLP engine to answer visitor questions with multiple default responses.

Image Test Chatbot

#005 Customer Support Chatbot W/Submit Ticket

This Ready-To-Go Template will get you live instantly with a chatbot to allow your customers to submit support tickets 24-hours a day.

Customer Support

#006 Customer Support Chatbot W/Submit Ticket & FAQs

You can better serve your customers' needs by using this chatbot template to deliver your FAQs and take customer support tickets.

Lead Capture

#003 Starter Chatbot

This starter template has opening, main menu, two branches and quit. It is perfect jump start in building bots.

Ask A Question

#004 Lead Capture Chatbot W/4-Fields

This template captures name, email and phone and allows visitor to fix the data.

Customer Support With FAQ

#007 Customer Support Chatbot W/Submit Issue & NLP & FAQs

FAQs plus Natural Language Processing along with a support ticket submission system gives you the ability to deliver outstanding customer service.

Image Size Test

#008 Image Size Test Chatbot

This chatbot shows you how hundreds of different sized images actually get scaled and shown.


Ready-To-Go Template FAQs

Every Template is great.

Here are the most frequently asked questions about using templates from TruChat.

All ready-to-go chatbot templates provided by TruChat are provided free of charge. There will be templates available for purchase built by other TruChat community members as we want to have a thriving marketplace for developers and designers.
The templates will be available inside the of the admin platform. When you "create chatbot" you will be able to view and select the ready-to-go template you want to use to build the chatbot. With the copy/paste functionality built into TruChat, you can grab just components, scripts or routines directly from the templates and incorporate them into your own chatbots.
Each template is documented and clearly laid out. You can change anything and everything inside your chatbot that was built using a template. There will be many text components that will have placeholders for your company/product specific content. You just have to replace "Company Content Goes Here" with your actual content.
TruChat will be adding new templates routinely. If you have a special need you can send a quick request and we will respond to you with what we have planned and if we can assist you on getting that template built for you.